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Fuck Yeah

by You Vandal

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Domo Arigato 02:52
Thank you very much for two whole years of chances to prove I'm not programmed to romance you. I promised to be better, but I'm nowhere near perfect yet. And your friends say you should end me; "You shine too bright for somebody so cold." I promise not to be bitter, but I'm not known for kept promises. It's pretty pathetic how I pretend I'm on a level above all my old friends and peers that have found success, when the truth is it tears me up inside. The truth is I'm jealous. Or how I give all your friends when we're introduced deafening silence and condescending grins, when the truth is I get too shy to move. The truth is I'm a scared little kid. There's not too much time left in this life. Don't waste more tied to my side. I'm so closed off. Mr. Right? Of course I'm not. I'm an unemotional robot. Mr. Right? He don't exist. I gored out his heart with my robot fists, so move on.
I never bought "love at first sight" until my eyes caught yours. Figures I would buy it from somebody who was spoken for. So, I'll take this walk to wherever I parked and slam my head in the car door. I'm living it up. I'm living a lie. I'm incredibly dumb to think he wasn't your guy. He could save me the trouble if he'd stand aside. When he says those words, I'll be murdered inside. I feel like I really feel you and I feel like you really feel me too. So, I feel like we should feel this out. I feel like I could be your dude. I hope you know I'm all about you. I hope you know he's in the way. But, please- don't say what I think you're going to say.
I'm standing right in front of you and you're staring right through. I want to tear you down. I want to tell you how you're acting like a fucking moron. If you think he'll change, then you're wrong. He stole your spine and your words- not mine. I put off writing this song for way too long. Now, I can hardly wait for you to watch me decimate your thoughts of beach-side surf-romance. Deny the truth, but alas, he stole your spine. And you buckle every time. I've got some nerve showing up at your party. I should have stayed home. It probably would have been smarter. I fucked up hard, but you're fucking up harder. You've got some nerve thinking I've got some nerve to still be alive. Where did your spine go? The truth is I thought you were better than that; throwing your life away for a royal ass. You were worthy of more, I honestly
My nose won't stop running. My eyes are red. I chug Robitussin. My throat is in shreds. This pain beats incessantly in my head. I make myself sick picturing him in your bed. It's not fair to you at all. I don't want to do you like that. I'm not fair to you at all to force you to make this thing work out when it was not worth working on; when I was not worth working on. No, I'm not worth it. Chicago can't be real if I had so much fun. Below freezing feels warmer than Florida's sun. Home's not home, but a constant reminder of a love now lost and a brand new divider. I step off the plane and reality hits: I swim all alone in an ocean of shit. Home's not home, but a constant reminder of a love now lost and the new boy inside her heart. I can't keep from torturing myself. I hate that you're with somebody else. I should care less, but I already know that. I'm the worst person ever, but you already know that.


released August 23, 2013

All music/lyrics written and arranged by You Vandal
Additional arrangement by Cory Fischer
Recorded by Alex Burton at Hog House Studios (Sparr, FL)
Mixed & Mastered by Matt McClellan at Glow In the Dark Studios (Atlanta, GA)
Cover design/layout by Andy Nicholl


all rights reserved



You Vandal Gainesville


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